French Letter Desk………..sold

One of our favorite pieces, this desk was hand-painted and hand-lettered.  The desk surface has a French letter lovingly hand-painted, each line and stroke brushed on to create a look very similar to the quill pen that was originally used in the letter.  Each drawer has a decoupage of a graphic of stamps from all over the world.  The glass and metal knobs add an elegant look.

Desk french postcard full view IMG_2214

With the drawers open so that the inner detail can be appreciated:

Desk Fench postcard open drawers IMG_2212

A closeup of a drawer:Desk Fench postcard drawer detail IMG_2212

And one of the knob:

Desk Fench postcard knob detail IMG_2212

A closeup of the surface:

Desk French postcard top detail IMG_2204