Susan Golnik, 

 …raising the art of decorative painting to new levels 

If your favorite pieces of furniture could talk what would they say?  Susan Golnik, a decorative fine artist who has been painting home decor accessories and transforming vintage pieces for more than 27 years, knows a few words they may express.

And she takes those words, skillfully hand painting them on her elegant and unique pieces bringing new life and character to dressers, side tables, stools, writing tables, benches and more.

Elements of surprise include opening a drawer to find hand-lettered or stenciled European vintage graphics and inspirational phrases thoughtfully selected.  Imagine opening a drawer and reading “The sweetest story ever told” as you place your favorite piece of clothing inside.

All pieces are immaculately prepared and restored inside and out.

Before painting and embellishing her work, Susan takes her time getting familiar with each piece, visually assessing the personality and the mood or feeling it evokes.  Then she custom mixes colors based on her decades of expertise in decorative painting.

Detail is everything, making Susan’s pieces one of a kind.  Beautiful faux finishes, gold leaf and other embellishments give her work a distinctive look.  She also loves hunting for the perfect knobs and pulls, then accenting these with specialty paints.

Painting is Susan’s passion.  When she discovered it 27 years ago, she knew it was what she was supposed to do.  She has studied with more than 100 various artists throughout the U.S. learning a vast array of techniques.

Her love of painting inspires her to continue exploring, discovering and studying on a regular basis.  She was fortunate to have the opportunity to study with world-renowned decorative painter, Annie Sloan, during her first tour to the U.S.

Susan’s fine and versatile pieces have added warmth, charm and distinction to both informal and formal settings.  She  enjoys creating custom pieces for clients.

In addition to the most popular vintage dressers, benches and stools, Susan also hand paints a variety of other items including signs, boxes, mirrors and frames.